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A Website Is Nothing Without Its Surrounding Satellites

A website is your company's encyclopedia about itself, the sun in the solar system. However, there's no solar system without planets. A website only exists with the surrounding satellites of branded social accounts, Email campaigns, an SEO strategy (including blogs), and CPC (cost-per-click) ads. We guarantee a sophisticated and seamless branding authenticity throughout all these channels, and you will see traffic, engagement, and search engine rankings rise.

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Formatted E-mails

A big part of digital branding - another arrow in the quiver - is Formatted (html) Emails. These provide direct access to your already interested or faithful customers, and allows you the opportunity to interact directly with them. A perfect vehicle for promotions and newsletters. Having these aligned with your website and social accounts is critical. Take a look at these examples:


Founded in 1986 by Steve Sas Schwartz and Thomas Keiji Agawa, SKATE NYC was an iconic New York City skate shop through the 1980's and 90s that became home to many legendary NYC skateboarders, including Harold Hunter and HUF-founder Keith Hufnagel, both born and raised skateboarding in the streets of the city.

A staple to the community, SKATE NYC helped foster an entire generation of street skateboarding by offering locals a headquarters at which to meet up, hang out, and then head out to session the curbs in front of the shop or Tompkins Sq. Park across the street.

The founding artists considered SKATE NYC a conceptual art project, a way to unify community, their love of skateboarding, art, and business. Part of SKATE NYC's groundbreaking story is being the first skateboard shop to merge fine art and skate retail.


Below are pages from an oversized zine that records the history of the shop, that is being given away as a gift with purchase of items from the 2016 SKATE NYC collaboration with skateboard company HUF.


Below are examples of some of the art that hung in the Skate NYC shop through the years. These are large scale pen & ink drawings, like underground comics scaled to gargantuan proportions. SKATE NYC also exhibited much of SAS's work that was not about skateboarding literally, but was in spirit.


This fall 2016, the legendary skateboard company HUF and Skate NYV have teamed up on a limited edition collaboration. Paint homage to an era by encapsulating the spirit of NYC skate culture of the 80s and 90s, the HUF X SKATE NYC collection features classic SKATE NYC graphic artwork consisting of fleece, long-sleeve and short-sleeve tees, hats, socks and also includes old-school skateboard deck shapes, deck rails, and co-branded Spitfire wheels.

Apple Juice 

An informative skateboard documentary about the legendary skate shop Skate NYC and its scene.  ©1990.  Narrated by Steve Sas Schwartz.  Directed by John Bruce. #skatenyc


Skate NYC legacy cultural branding in use today.

Glogal Ghetto

Branding & Graphics for organic streetwear clothing company Global Ghetto / 2013.